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need some help here

i remember several books but only parts of what was in them not their title or authors i figure i can put what i remember up and i may get lucky and someone will help me out a little.


first one is the one i remember the least about, i read a sample on the kindle about a year ago but can't find it very easily: it had to do with a clan-head's son, he had his future read he lies about his true future to his family and clan, his fate is supposed to be about how he'll have multiple lovers and how most or all die, he has three sons i think, and something about destroyer and savior. Horrid description i know but it's the best i remember.


next one i remember a fair bit more of: it was about a kid with dyslexia his name was Brian, normal life type setting, he and his three friends had a sack, two of his friends bring older kids there and they had a gun to shoot...geese i think.


and the last one i'll mention here, it was set in an older time, not ancient but close, one of the Eastern countries, china maybe, the main character lived under a bridge with an older person, he becomes a potters apprentice, gets sent on a journey with...three pots for a high ranked person, near the end of his journey the pots break, he takes a shard the rest of the way, the potter gets his skills recognized and is hired by the noble, main character arrives back home, finds friend has died in a flood, gets adopted


Those are all the ones i can think of right now if you can give me a Title and Author it'd be appreciated.